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iPhone switcher – Taking my network with me.

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Cell phone tower "disguised" as a palm tree. Can you see me now?

Earlier today, I received an email from an old MacGuys client who recently changed her cell service from one provider to another.  Like me, she made the switch to an iPhone.  She wrote to express disappointment at what she sees as reduced coverage from her new provider.  For her, having a cell phone is  part of being safe when she travels in her car and now during part of her daily commute, there is no coverage.

Let me go on record as saying that talking on a cell phone while you operate a motor vehicle is a bad idea.  There are studies suggest that it’s more dangerous than driving drunk.

In some markets, CDMA phones may provide wider coverage than GSM.  This is not because of the GSM technology itself, but the location and number of towers that a cell company provides in any one area.

Thanks to some very smart legislation, any US cell phone, regardless of whether it’s under contract, expired, blocked or whatever, can always connect to the local 911 center if it can get a signal.  My advice to her, and to other phone switchers is to not disgard the old phone after you switch service.   Instead, keep it as a backup.   I keep my old Motorola CMDA Razr, along with a vehicle charger, in the glove box.

Drive safely y’all, or as we used to say in Florida; “Arrive Alive!”

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