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Radio MacGuys: Holiday Shopping

Posted by on Saturday, November 29, 2008, 16:11
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These are the show notes for Episode 212 of Radio MacGuys.  This show was recorded on November 29th, 2008.  Music on today’s podcast comes from Kacey Jones and The Nashville Session Players through the Podsafe Music Network.

Every year, around this time, I get a lot of questions about buying technology.  Whether Santa has an iPhone for your Christmas stocking, or you receive a sleek new unibody MacBook on boxing day, or Zwart Piet brings you an iPod, a lot of folks trade presents in the wintertime.

One frequent questions I’m hearing these days is “Should I wait until after MacWorld Expo, WWDC, the new fiscal year or Inauguration Day?  Is a new laptop/iPod/FinalCut Pro workstation just around the corner?

I’ve been asked this question at least a thousand times.

Here’s the deal:  Apple’s corporate culture is very good at keeping secrets.   A lot of people say all sorts of things about new products in the pipeline and occasionally they’re correct.  Personally, I don’t believe any of it unless the information comes after I’ve signed a non-disclosure agreement.

I don’t have a clue what’s coming or when it’s getting here.  What I do, is use my technology until it wears out.  Often the “wearing out” has to do with old hardware not working with new software.

My recommendation is to not speculate on what might be, but buy what works for you from what’s available today.

My new MacBook is on it’s way.  I ordered it from MacMall and is a good deal if I can make the rebates work.  I’ll report back soon.

MacBook photo courtsey of Apple

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