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5mm4 – 5 Minute Mac #4

Posted by on Wednesday, June 6, 2007, 20:37
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File 5mm4 – From Radio MacGuys, it’s 5 Minute Mac.

Apple announced new MacBook Pro’s yesterday. The new Pro’s are beautiful, sleek machines with all the features of the previous generation with some very nice new upgrades. The new laptops have faster CPU’s, better graphic chip sets and come with 802.11n standard. The new MacBook Pro’s are available in a 15″ and a 17″ display form factor. The smaller machine uses LED technology to backlight the LCD display instead of the usual fluorescent tubes. That means no mercury in the 15″ display as Apple gets a bit more environmently friendly. The 17″ unit still uses cold cathode fluorescent lamps to illuminate the display.

I’m still waiting for my next laptop; one that has a 12 inch or even smaller screen with a great video chip set and a DVI out.

Speaking of laptops, today, computer maker Asus introduced the Eee PC 701. While all the specs are still not known, the device sports a 7″ screen, Ethernet, WiFi and a web cam. The mini-laptop has a RAM drive and runs Linux or Windows. The best part is the price. The device is listed with a retail of under $200. I’m still waiting for the Mac OS miniBook, but if the Eee PC pans out, it will have a major impact on the computer business.

Looking to extend your wireless network? Mesh network developer Meraki has introduced a low cost solar powered wireless WiFi repeater. The $99 device extends a wireless network up to 700 feet.

When Apple CEO Steve Jobs takes the stage at next weeks WWDC, one thing he may announce is that Mac OS Leopard may switch to the Zettabyte File System developed by Sun. Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz let the news slip today at a meeting in Washington DC.

OpenOffice.org has released an alpha version of OpenOffice Aqua. This is a full office application suite that runs natively on a Mac OS X machine. Prior to the release, OpenOffice would only run in the X11 environment on a Mac. Remember that this is early ALPHA level software and there is no guarantee that it will be stable. If you are brave and don’t mind the possibility of losing data, you can download it here.

The music played on todays podcast is by Smallfish. The tune is “Waves” and comes to us from the Podsafe Music Network.

5 Minute Mac is a production of Radio MacGuys and the Grumpy Old Guys Broadcasting Network. You can find show notes and links for the items on todays podcast by going to our web site at http://www.macguys.com. You can send us comments by writing to macguys at mac dot com or by calling our Tokyo listener comment line at +81-345-506-868. This is Dave Brightbill reminding you that whether you use alpha, beta or software in a box from the Apple Store, it’s still important to BACK IT UP!.

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4 Responses to “5mm4 – 5 Minute Mac #4”

  1. Shaun McDonald
    2007.06.07 06:24

    Your link is to the PPC download of aqua ooo. Please change it to http://porting.openoffice.org/mac/download/aqua.html so that Intel users can access it directly too.

  2. Smallfish
    2007.06.07 07:04

    Thanks a ton for playing waves! I tried to find an email, but probably overlooked it. Fun show, I’m subscribed…

  3. Dave
    2007.06.18 04:56

    Thanks for the heads up. I’ll provide the ref in a future episode.

  4. Dave
    2007.06.18 04:58

    Smallfish has an extensive web site at http://www.smallfishadventures.com/store.fish

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