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5mm3 – 5 Minute Mac

Posted by on Monday, June 4, 2007, 21:02
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Preparing for the June 29 launch, iPhone commercial hit the airwaves in the US this week. At the recent WSJ D conference, Steve Jobs said that the iPhone ran the real deal, Mac OS X. Developers are drooling at the possibilities of building all sorts of apps for this exciting new platform. There is some speculation that Apple will release a new “developers tool kit” for the iPhone at the upcomming WWDC. The new ad’s are available for viewing on the Apple US web site.

More good news for Apple TV and the iPhone. According to an article in Computerworld, Google company, YouTube is in negotiations to add local television news and weather to their online offerings.

Version 1.5b of the popular Mac web browser, Camino is being released this week. The new version includes enhance spelling correction, the ability to restore a session which was force-quit, and the ability to block flash videos and other plug-ins.

Former Apple hardware guru Jon Rubinstein has joined the Palm Board and will act as the executive chairman of the company.

The Apple Xserve has helped propel Apple to the top ten list of server manufactures.

Google has purchased the popular RSS generation service, Feedburner. Radio MacGuys and the other podcasts from the Grumpy Old Guys Broadcasting Network are Feedburner clients. Expect tighter integration between RSS and Google Adsense.

In a recent report, Deutcsche Bank has suggested that Apple TV will take sales away from the DVD player market.

Do you really really really want to make sure your documents are erased? Thanks to Lifehacker for telling us about Permanent Eraser.

Music on todays podcast is Merigans Reel by Canadian Jim Fidler and comes to us from the Podsafe Music Network. 5 Minute Mac is a production of MacGuys, LLC and the Grumpy Old Guys Broadcasting Network. Show notes and links are available at You can contact us by writing to macguys at mac dot com or calling our Cupertino listener response line at (408) 513-0245. From Miami Florida, this is Dave Brightbill reminding you to practice safe computing by installing lightning arrestors, and don’t forget to BACK IT UP!.

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