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5mm2 – Five Minue Mac for June 3rd, 2007

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File 5mm2 – from Radio MacGuys, this is 5 Minute Mac.

Did you ever wonder what it takes to be an Apple Store “genius” and how a genius is trained? MacLife magazine has an exclusive online report by Eugene Robinson on the care and feeding of people in this unique position.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates sat down together recently for a joint interview/panel at the D: All things digital conference sponsored by the Wall Street Journal. Watch the video here. The encounter was cordial and kind of sweet.

The online Apple Store has a new section: The Apple Outlet Store; which replaces the old special deals section and does a bit better at explaining the deal on clearance and refurbished deals.

Wincentric reseller Dell, has started shipping computers with Ubuntu and have cast their lot with Wal Mart.

Speaking of WinCentric, Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer is trash talking the iPhone saying that it’s too expensive.
Meanwhile, the wizards of Bellevue are starting a new promotion for emerging musical acts. Wake me up when the iPhone ships.

If you want to be the first to have a new iPhone, don’t go to the Apple Store. Steve Jobs said that he expects the lines to be around the block at introduction. Apparently Cingular/ATT stores will also have a few units to sell.

WWDC is just around the corner and euro Mac news sites are leaking a story that a new MacBook Pro is about to be introduced in the days leading up to the developers conference.

No answer from Apple yet on why the new DRM-free “iTunes Plus” music downloads have the buyers name and email encoded in the download.

Finally from New York City, Apple Computer has joined the Standard and Poor’s 100 Index. I’m totally digging owning a blue-chip stock.

From Radio MacGuys, this has been 5 Minute Mac. Music on todays podcast is from the Podsafe Music Network. Todays tune is from the Nashville Session Players. The tune is called “writing on the wall.” You can find show notes for todays show, linkes and more by going to our web site at Our email address is macguys at mac dot com. You can call our Cupertino comment line by dialing (408) 513-0245. Remember to practice safe computing by installing lightning arrestors, and don’t forget to BACK IT UP!.

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