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RMG206 Packing My Bags

Posted by on Monday, April 2, 2007, 21:38
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This is the “packing my bag” edition of Radio MacGuys. In about a week from the time I post this, I hope to be on my way to Japan. It’s my first visit to Asia and I’m looking forward to being amazed. Think “Gomer Pyle“. Gooooolllllieeee.

Photo of Sensoji Pagoda from Wikimedia Commons.

Opening music: SYNCHRONICITY by DeviceHigh, a group of electronica musicians who normally build music for video games. From

Today’s podcast is, not surprisingly, focused on travel, and especially traveling with technology.

Nokia WiFi N95 Phone.
Motorola WiFi Phone
Gizmo Project


Edirol R-09 WAVE/MP3 Recorder
Bicycle Mark’s Communique
Zoom H4 Digital Recorder
Apple Computer announced that EMI Music’s entire digital catalog of music will be available for purchase DRM FREE at the iTunes Music Store (iTMS) starting in May.

Traveling In Your Eyes by ATM, a band from Kemerovo Serbia in the Russian Federation.

You can reach me in Japan at (Country Code +81) 345-506-868. I’m especially interested in hearing from people who have suggestions about things to see and do around Tokyo for the next few weeks.

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2 Responses to “RMG206 Packing My Bags”

  1. Bicyclemark
    2007.04.13 03:18

    I meant to comment before you left… best of luck over in Japan! get yourself an edirol while your out there.. i think they grow on trees.

  2. Dave
    2007.04.21 18:30

    Heh…I’ve visited the Edirol display at Yogibashi camera a several times. I am tempted but want to look at the Zoom recorder before I spend the big bucks.

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