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RMG204 – iPhone, SIM cards and GSM

Posted by on Sunday, February 4, 2007, 7:44
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Radio MacGuys. Dave talks about a USB stick initiative in France where the school system is giving out 175K memory sticks pre-filled with open source software and available to use anywhere the student can find a computer.

A lot of questions revolve around the iPhone and it’s SIM card. I explain a little about GSM and it’s role in the world-o-cellphones.

The Apple Support Discussions Site has added a “Pre-release section containing articles on AppleTV and the iPhone.

A question from a listener in Guadalajara: Maria asks about how she should clean her new MacBook. Dave recommends iKlear Apple Polish from KlearScreen.

A computer security expert who is going by the nickname “LMH” has completed a “Month of Apple Bugs” project. Last week Apple released a security fix to address the first bug identified by the project. Meanwhile, Bill Gates uses the project to talk smack about the Mac and how Windows is so much more secure. (from an article in Newsweek)

More about the new Airport Extreme and it’s USB port.

PC World is reporting that the government of Norway has outlawed iTunes because of the restrictive DRM which prevents players other than an iPod getting access to ITMS licensed content.

Speaking of music; this podcast ends with “Shoulder to Cry On” an upcoming release from Bloom; available at

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