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RMG197 – Zen Macs – Apple and Europe – Birthday Entity – April Fools

Posted by on Monday, March 27, 2006, 21:34
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Welcome to the 97th edition of Radio MacGuys.

Photo by David Brightbill

Todays podcast is sponsored by Spring, nature’s way of saying “Cheer Up. Things aren’t THAT bad“, and by the zen hot dog vendors association (Let us make you one with everything). The Flashlight LED iluminated flying disc is our Geek of the Week.

Music on today’s podcast is from Texas singer-songwriter Scotty Schuffield. It’s called Birthday Suit and is offered in honor of our favorite about-to-celebrate-a-birthday entity, Apple Computer. Thanks to for hosting the tune.

April 1st marks the 30th birthday of Apple Computer. Finally we can take them seriously.

The San Francisco Chronicle has posted a series of audio interviews with some of the early Apple illuminaries including Steve Wozniak, John Scully, Guy Kawasaki and Andy Hertzfeld. It’s good stuff and worth a listen.

Shout outs to Jim in San Francisco, Cat in the Russian Republic, Roger from Madison, Bex in the Bear Gulch Cave, and Oscar in Santiago Chile. Thanks for them and for you for listening to Radio MacGuys.

Today’s first listener question comes from Sky in Hong Kong. Sky has an iBook and is wondering what to do to make it work faster. My recommendation: more memory. I have recently been ordering my memory from OtherWorldComputing at

Mary in Marin has a all too common problem. Her hard drive is hosed, and surprise, she doesn’t have a backup. We talk about Data Rescue II from Prosoft Engineering and Disk Warrior from Alsoft.

Our tip of the week is unmount your external firewire drives before shutting down or removing them.

If you’re somewhere near Cleveland Ohio in the United States, the Cleveland Digital Publishing Users Group will be meeting this Thursday, March the 30th at Dodd’s Camera and Video. The meeting will focus on 3d applications.

In EuroNews, a trial starts this week in the High Court in London where Apple Computer is being sued by Apple Corps.

Meanwhile, last week, the those crafty French have passed a law requiring Apple to open iTunes up to other music players. Will Apple say au revoir to la belle France? Stay tuned.


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