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RMG194 – Intel Mac mini’s

Posted by on Sunday, March 5, 2006, 22:55
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Apple has released a security update to address the problems noted in our last podcast.

It’s a new month. Please take a moment and give Radio MacGuys a vote on PodcastAlley.com. Thanks!

After you vote for Radio MacGuys, do something REALLY important and support the Common Cause “Hands Off My Internet” campaign.

Of course the big news comes from the Apple Event last wek at the Apple Campus in Cupertino. A new macMini was announced. This is a Intel based computer with either a single or dual core processor (depends on the model)

Bonjour added to FrontRow.

Leather iPod cases in mid March.

iPod HiFi- – iPod dock on a speaker system. $349 – shipping today

Also, in iPod news, a jogger running in the San Francisco Persidio Park was the victim of a hit an run. The woman was unidentified until the police traced her through her iPod.

The Grand Old Party is doing a little social data mining in Minnesota.

Network World has an interesting article on the TCO of various computer platforms. It’s no surprise to MacGuys, but the author was astounded at what a bargain Mac OS machines are.

Similar to Woot, MacZOT has a new deal everyday on Mac OS software.

Today’s podcast ends with “Talking on the Telephone“, a tune from Rhonda Watson and found on GarageBand.com

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  1. Anonymous
    2006.03.06 14:05

    Dude…enough of the whiney country music.

  2. Anonymous
    2006.03.26 20:08

    thanks for playing Rhonda Watson’s music. She’s great!

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